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What's up at the Game Developers Conference 2013?

By: Rich Shivener

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Hello, friends, have you missed us? Our self-described, dumb editor-in-chief James Hawkins and our writerly friends are attending the Game Developers Conference 2013, happening now in San Francisco. It’s where engaging industry announcements, panels and reveals parlay into awesome ideas for the future of gaming. The parties, of which we know Hawkins is a fan, are bonus content, sometimes more important than the conference itself.

Be sure to follow Hawkins and these fine people:

James Hawkins

Richard Clark

Rowan Kaiser

Drew Dixon

Brendan Keogh

Filed Under: Community Creations Culture Indie Industry

About the Author:
Rich Shivener is the Lead Editor of Bit Creature. He is also a writer, instructor and iPad whisperer from the shores of Northern Kentucky. You can find him in Publishers Weekly and Writer's Digest, among other places.

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