CONTEST: Win A Copy Of NBA 2K13

By: James Hawkins

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Last week’s XCOM: Enemy Unknown contest netted two lucky winners free copies of the game for their very own use. Deniss and Matthew will be strategizing against the alien throngs in no time, but that doesn’t mean the giveaways are over.

This week, we have Xbox 360 copies of NBA 2K13 to hand out – a game that might be the frontrunner for Game of the Year at Bit Creature. And even if you aren’t a sports fan, the title is very, very good from a design and gameplay standpoint, and is worth a look from anyone who enjoys video games.

So, this week’s contest requires that each participant Tweet or Facebook share this link, and answer this single question:

If you had ultimate power, what sport would you debut at the 2016 Olympics?

Here’s a good reference. For me, Horse Gymnastics would probably hit the top of the list. Bonus points for sports we’ve never heard of.

Again, USA residents only please. If you live in another country, we still love you, but shipping is rather pricy. We’ll let winners know on Monday this time. So keep an eye out.


Filed Under: Contest Sports

About the Author:
James Hawkins is the founder of Bit Creature. He's a published poet, dabbling sportswriter, and former Senior Editor of Village Voice Media's Joystick Division.

8,128 Responses to “CONTEST: Win A Copy Of NBA 2K13”

  1. Jonathan

    My sport would be bumpercar basketball. Seeing people crash into others and the fun the players get out of it seems like a perfect sport for the Olympics.

  2. Thomas

    My sport would be Gasketball. This sport is a mixture between Golf and Basketball, where you play Basketball with a golf ball sized ball.

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