CONTEST: Win A Copy Of XCOM: Enemy Unknown

By: James Hawkins

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After our marvelous success with last week’s Borderlands 2 giveaway (congrats to Jordan and Joshua!), we figured it’s time to have a second go at it. This week, we’re bringing you copies of the hot new strategy title, XCOM: Enemy Unknown for the Xbox 360. The contest starts right now, and we’ll select winners again on Friday, October 19.

Last week’s gimmick was a rhyming couplet. This week, there’s a new set of rules. You still gotta share this post on Facebook, and give it a Tweet, but instead of rhyming, I want you to make up a portmanteau (two words mashed into one) describing how you feel when you play stealth games, and post it below.

For instance:

I’m scarrified of being caught by guards, so they’re a little too stressful for me.

Simple enough, right? Check back on Friday for the winners. And to our international (non-US!) friends, we’re only giving away compliments, you handsome devils.

Filed Under: Contest

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