Gray = Mann Versus Machine

Team Fortress 2 is the latest recipient of a "horde" mode.

By: James Hawkins

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In an upcoming update, Team Fortress 2 will expand. The venerable competitive shooter from Valve will be given a “horde” mode, called the Gray Mod. It goes live on August 15, 2012.

Players will fend off legions of robots as their mechanical foes attempt to secure and detonate a bomb within the players’ base. The enemy robots will be modeled after each existing Team Fortress class. Taking a handful of notes from the Gears of War franchise, the Gray Mod will allow up to five players to fight together, racking up loot and points as bonuses for successfully completed waves. In addition to loot, players will be able to incrementally upgrade their character between matches.

As of this morning, Valve has only detailed the addition of the robots to the game and a single map, and will be announcing player character updates and loot details later.

Filed Under: news

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