Practical Problems, A Short Film

In the hands of a skilled professional.

By: James Hawkins

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source film

Using Valve’s new Source Film-maker, James McVinnnie has created a short film in the world of Team Fortress 2. It is called Practical Problems, and it explores a series of sitcom moments in the life of an Engineer.

McVinnie isn’t simply a fan of video games with a ton of time on his hands – he works as a cinematic designer at BioWare, crafting animations for some of the biggest video games of this era. Utilizing a duo of Microsoft Kinects, he captured his own motion for the piece, giving realistic life to the characters on screen. His wordless storytelling ability is really what makes this a charming video, and showcases the potential of a Valve product that hasn’t quite gotten out of the gates.


Filed Under: Community Creations

About the Author:
James Hawkins is the founder of Bit Creature. He's a published poet, dabbling sportswriter, and former Senior Editor of Village Voice Media's Joystick Division.

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