The Binding Of Isaac Expands

"Divisive Religious Content" won't hold it back.

By: James Hawkins

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Edmund McMillen has announced that The Binding of Isaac will be loosing itself of PC exclusivity and debuting on consoles. The breadth of platforms has yet to be announced, but considering McMillen’s struggles with Nintendo, it would be misguided for Nintendo players to get their hopes up for a Wii Ware or Wii U release.

The divisive puzzle title has been a PC exclusive for nearly a year, with the failed attempt at a Nintendo 3DS port allowing only notions of further release attempts. With the console release, we’ll see additional elements added to the core game, including the Wrath of Lamb content and cooperative game modes. Other, vaguer game additions have been noted by McMillen.

No further release data has been announced at this time. McMillen’s Formspring is offering a Q&A that will populate more information as the man responds to fans.


Filed Under: news

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