A Letter, to you

The games writing industry is a fiercely competitive and efficient ecosystem. Break the big story first. Hit review deadlines. Get the scoop. Provide the coverage. That isn't our credo at Bit Creature, and it never will be. We'll leave that to the folks who are already good at it. We're going to try something else.

Bit Creature is an entirely independent digital boutique focused on video games. We speak with honesty. We don't adhere to editorial guidelines besides being good and thoughtful and unique and even occasionally funny. We try to write in a form that best serves the subject matter.

There's a lot of freedom in admitting we have no rules besides our own peculiar integrity. If there's controversy humming in the digital ether, we'll wait to understand it before we unpack it. If we play a game that inspires warped stream of consciousness, we'll leak our experiences across the page. There's something to be said for patience and measure, risk and vulnerability. And we think there's an ever-growing audience for it.

Everything is fair, as long as it advances how we perceive and discuss the medium. Bit Creature publishes daily essays and experiments about video games with an emphasis on elegant writing and thoughtful analysis. We believe that video games, which are profoundly interactive, must be understood as a space where player and character intersect. And this symbiosis yields tremendously powerful stories.

We're a refuge for weird. A safe place to be dangerous

The Bit Creature Crew

This is home to writers looking to stretch their creative and analytical minds. The names listed can be found at Salon, Paste Magazine, Wall Street Journal, Gamasutra, The Onion, The Atlantic, Village Voice Media, and elsewhere. We have essayists, reporters, fiction authors, poets, screenwriters, and even a stage actor.

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