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199 Words That End in Or to Learn Now

Words that end in “or” are quite common in the English language, adding variety and depth to our vocabulary. These words are used in everyday conversations, professional titles, and even technical fields. Understanding them can enhance your communication skills and make your language more precise and interesting.

In this article, we will explore a range of words that end in or, including their meanings and how they are commonly used. Whether you’re a language enthusiast or just looking to expand your vocabulary, you’ll find this exploration both fun and informative.

Words That End in Or

Words that end in “or” are diverse and serve various functions in the English language, from common terms to occupational titles and scientific terminology. Let’s delve into a comprehensive list of these words, their meanings, and their common contexts of use.

1. Actor

Meaning: A person who performs in plays, movies, or television shows.

Example: “The actor received an award for his outstanding performance.”

2. Doctor

Meaning: A medical professional who diagnoses and treats illnesses.

Example: “The doctor recommended a new treatment plan for the patient.”

3. Editor

Meaning: A person who reviews and corrects written content.

Example: “The editor worked meticulously to improve the manuscript.”

4. Mentor

Meaning: An experienced and trusted advisor.

Example: “She acted as a mentor to many young professionals in her field.”

5. Creator

Meaning: A person who brings something into existence.

Example: “The creator of the popular TV series announced a new project.”

6. Instructor

Meaning: A person who teaches a subject or skill.

Example: “The fitness instructor led an energetic workout session.”

7. Director

Meaning: A person who oversees the operations of a company or production.

Example: “The director managed the film set with great precision.”

8. Professor

Meaning: A university academic of the highest rank.

Example: “The professor gave an inspiring lecture on quantum mechanics.”

9. Operator

Meaning: A person who operates equipment or a machine.

Example: “The crane operator moved the heavy loads with expertise.”

10. Conductor

Meaning: A person who directs the performance of an orchestra or choir.

Example: “The conductor led the symphony with passion and skill.”

11. Decorator

Meaning: A person who decorates interiors of buildings or rooms.

Example: “The decorator transformed the living room into a cozy space.”

12. Curator

Meaning: A person who manages and oversees a museum or art collection.

Example: “The curator organized a new exhibit of modern art.”

13. Innovator

Meaning: A person who introduces new ideas, methods, or products.

Example: “The innovator developed a groundbreaking new technology.”

14. Mediator

Meaning: A person who helps to resolve conflicts or disputes between parties.

Example: “The mediator facilitated a successful negotiation between the two companies.”

15. Spectator

Meaning: A person who watches an event, show, or game.

Example: “The spectators cheered loudly at the football match.”

16. Inspector

Meaning: A person who examines something closely to ensure it meets standards.

Example: “The health inspector visited the restaurant for a routine check.”

17. Contractor

Meaning: A person or company that undertakes a contract to provide materials or labor.

Example: “The contractor completed the construction project on time.”

18. Administrator

Meaning: A person who manages the operations of an organization.

Example: “The school administrator coordinated all the administrative tasks.”

19. Generator

Meaning: A device that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy.

Example: “The generator provided power during the blackout.”

20. Accelerator

Meaning: A device that increases the speed of a process or action.

Example: “The particle accelerator is used in scientific research.”

21. Predator

Meaning: An animal that naturally preys on others.

Example: “The lion is a dominant predator in the savanna.”

22. Sensor

Meaning: A device that detects changes in the environment.

Example: “The motion sensor turned on the lights when it detected movement.”

23. Reactor

Meaning: A device in which a nuclear reaction occurs, producing energy.

Example: “The nuclear reactor is a critical component of the power plant.”

24. Elevator

Meaning: A platform or compartment housed in a shaft for raising and lowering people or things.

Example: “We took the elevator to the tenth floor.”

25. Translator

Meaning: A person who converts written text from one language to another.

Example: “The translator worked on translating the novel into English.”

26. Counselor

Meaning: A person trained to give guidance on personal or psychological problems.

Example: “The school counselor helped the student navigate her options.”

27. Donor

Meaning: A person who gives something, especially money or blood.

Example: “The blood donor saved lives with his generous contributions.”

28. Survivor

Meaning: A person who survives, especially a person remaining alive after an event in which others have died.

Example: “The earthquake survivor shared his harrowing experience.”

29. Navigator

Meaning: A person who directs the route or course of a ship, aircraft, or other form of transportation.

Example: “The navigator plotted the course for the transatlantic flight.”

30. Evaluator

Meaning: A person who assesses the value or performance of something.

Example: “The evaluator reviewed the company’s progress and provided feedback.”

31. Advisor

Meaning: A person who gives advice, typically someone who is expert in a particular field.

Example: “The financial advisor helped the family plan for their future.”

32. Sculptor

Meaning: An artist who makes sculptures.

Example: “The sculptor created a beautiful marble statue.”

33. Investigator

Meaning: A person who carries out a formal inquiry or investigation.

Example: “The private investigator gathered evidence for the case.”

34. Competitor

Meaning: A person who takes part in a contest or competition.

Example: “The competitor trained hard for the upcoming marathon.”

35. Collaborator

Meaning: A person who works jointly on an activity or project.

Example: “The scientists were collaborators on the groundbreaking research project.”

36. Facilitator

Meaning: A person who makes an action or process easier.

Example: “The workshop facilitator guided the group through the activities.”

37. Illustrator

Meaning: An artist who creates pictures for books, magazines, etc.

Example: “The illustrator’s drawings brought the story to life.”

38. Initiator

Meaning: A person who begins something.

Example: “The initiator of the project laid the groundwork for success.”

39. Orator

Meaning: A skilled public speaker.

Example: “The orator captivated the audience with his powerful speech.”

40. Auditor

Meaning: A person who formally examines and verifies financial accounts.

Example: “The auditor reviewed the company’s financial statements.”

41. Propagator

Meaning: A person or thing that spreads or promotes an idea, theory, etc.

Example: “The propagator of the new philosophy gained many followers.”

42. Moderator

Meaning: A person who presides over a debate or discussion.

Example: “The moderator ensured that the debate was orderly and fair.”

43. Educator

Meaning: A person who provides instruction or education; a teacher.

Example: “The educator developed an innovative curriculum for the students.”

44. Vendor

Meaning: A person or company offering something for sale, especially a trader in the street.

Example: “The street vendor sold delicious snacks to passersby.”

45. Sailor

Meaning: A person who works as a member of the crew on a ship or boat.

Example: “The sailor navigated the vessel through the stormy sea.”

46. Supervisor

Meaning: A person who oversees the work of others.

Example: “The supervisor managed the team’s workload effectively.”

47. Warrior

Meaning: A person engaged or experienced in warfare; a soldier.

Example: “The ancient warrior was celebrated for his bravery in battle.”

48. Inventor

Meaning: A person who creates something for the first time.

Example: “The inventor patented his new design for a solar-powered vehicle.”

49. Emancipator

Meaning: A person who frees someone from bondage.

Example: “The emancipator is remembered for his efforts to abolish slavery.”

50. Collector

Meaning: A person who collects things of a specified type, professionally or as a hobby.

Example: “The art collector acquired pieces from renowned artists around the world.”

51. Protector

Meaning: A person or thing that protects someone or something.

Example: “The knight served as a protector of the realm.”

52. Governor

Meaning: A person who is the head of a public institution, especially a state in the US.

Example: “The governor signed the bill into law.”

53. Tutor

Meaning: A private teacher, typically one who teaches a single student or a very small group.

Example: “The tutor helped the student improve her math skills.”

54. Exhibitor

Meaning: A person or company that organizes displays or shows.

Example: “The exhibitor set up a booth at the trade fair.”

55. Legislator

Meaning: A person who makes laws; a member of a legislative body.

Example: “The legislator proposed a new bill to improve public education.”

56. Distributor

Meaning: A person or company that supplies goods to stores and other businesses.

Example: “The distributor delivered the latest products to the retail stores.”

57. Executor

Meaning: A person appointed to carry out the terms of a will.

Example: “The executor ensured that the deceased’s wishes were fulfilled.”

58. Impostor

Meaning: A person who pretends to be someone else in order to deceive others.

Example: “The impostor was caught impersonating a famous actor.”

59. Proctor

Meaning: A person who supervises students during an examination.

Example: “The proctor ensured that the test was conducted fairly.”

60. Surveyor

Meaning: A person who examines and records the details of a piece of land.

Example: “The surveyor measured the boundaries of the property.”

61. Disruptor

Meaning: A person or thing that interrupts an event, activity, or process.

Example: “The new technology acted as a disruptor in the market.”

62. Regulator

Meaning: A person or body that supervises a particular industry or activity.

Example: “The regulator imposed new safety standards on the industry.”

63. Instigator

Meaning: A person who initiates something, often causing trouble or conflict.

Example: “The instigator of the protest was arrested for inciting violence.”

64. Motivator

Meaning: A person or thing that encourages people to act in a particular way.

Example: “The coach was a great motivator for the team.”

65. Abductor

Meaning: A person who kidnaps someone.

Example: “The police arrested the abductor and rescued the victim.”

66. Conqueror

Meaning: A person who conquers a place or people.

Example: “The conqueror claimed the land as part of his empire.”

67. Corruptor

Meaning: A person who causes someone to become dishonest or immoral.

Example: “The corruptor was known for bribing officials.”

68. Detector

Meaning: A device or instrument designed to detect the presence of a particular substance or object.

Example: “The smoke detector went off when it sensed smoke.”

69. Exterminator

Meaning: A person whose job is to kill unwanted insects or animals.

Example: “The exterminator was called to deal with the rodent problem.”

70. Formulator

Meaning: A person who devises or creates something methodically.

Example: “The formulator developed a new skincare product.”

71. Gladiator

Meaning: A person trained to fight in public contests in ancient Rome.

Example: “The gladiator fought bravely in the arena.”

72. Implementor

Meaning: A person who puts a plan or system into effect.

Example: “The implementor was responsible for executing the new strategy.”

73. Ventilator

Meaning: A device that provides fresh air and removes stale air.

Example: “The ventilator was essential for the patient’s breathing.”

74. Vibrator

Meaning: A device that vibrates, often used for massage or medical purposes.

Example: “The physical therapist used a vibrator to relieve muscle tension.”

75. Manipulator

Meaning: A person who controls or influences others in a skillful but often unfair manner.

Example: “The manipulator twisted the facts to suit his own agenda.”

76. Negotiator

Meaning: A person who conducts negotiations.

Example: “The negotiator successfully brokered a deal between the two companies.”

77. Perpetrator

Meaning: A person who carries out a harmful, illegal, or immoral act.

Example: “The perpetrator of the crime was apprehended by the police.”

78. Simulator

Meaning: A device or program that simulates real-life conditions.

Example: “The flight simulator helped pilots train for emergency scenarios.”

79. Replicator

Meaning: A machine or device that makes copies of something.

Example: “The replicator in the lab created identical samples for testing.”

80. Liberator

Meaning: A person who sets someone free from imprisonment or oppression.

Example: “The liberator was hailed as a hero after the revolution.”

81. Terminator

Meaning: A person or thing that brings something to an end.

Example: “The terminator device was used to cut off the power supply.”

82. Agitator

Meaning: A person who urges others to protest or rebel.

Example: “The agitator was known for organizing large demonstrations.”

83. Erector

Meaning: A person or machine that builds or assembles structures.

Example: “The erector assembled the steel framework for the new building.”

84. Solicitor

Meaning: A person who tries to obtain business orders, advertising, etc.; a lawyer in some jurisdictions.

Example: “The solicitor provided legal advice to the client.”

85. Contributor

Meaning: A person who contributes something, especially money or articles.

Example: “The contributor wrote several articles for the magazine.”

86. Radiator

Meaning: A device that radiates heat, especially for heating buildings.

Example: “The radiator kept the room warm during the winter.”

87. Validator

Meaning: A person or thing that validates or confirms something.

Example: “The validator confirmed the authenticity of the document.”

88. Narrator

Meaning: A person who narrates something, especially a character who recounts the events of a novel or narrative poem.

Example: “The narrator told the story in a captivating manner.”

89. Benefactor

Meaning: A person who gives money or other help to a person or cause.

Example: “The benefactor donated a large sum to the charity.”

90. Fabricator

Meaning: A person who invents or concocts something, typically with deceitful intent; someone who manufactures something.

Example: “The fabricator was known for creating high-quality metal structures.”

91. Incinerator

Meaning: A device for burning waste material, especially industrial waste, at high temperatures until it is reduced to ash.

Example: “The incinerator disposed of the medical waste safely.”

92. Interrogator

Meaning: A person who questions someone closely, aggressively, or formally.

Example: “The interrogator asked the suspect a series of tough questions.”

93. Liquidator

Meaning: A person appointed to wind up the affairs of a company or firm.

Example: “The liquidator managed the sale of the company’s assets.”

94. Traitor

Meaning: A person who betrays a friend, country, principle, etc.

Example: “The traitor was condemned for his acts of betrayal against the nation.”

95. Percolator

Meaning: A device for making coffee by the repeated boiling of the brewing liquid.

Example: “The percolator made a fresh pot of coffee every morning.”

96. Predecessor

Meaning: A person who held a job or office before the current holder.

Example: “The new manager consulted with his predecessor about the ongoing projects.”

97. Purveyor

Meaning: A person who sells or deals in particular goods.

Example: “The purveyor of fine wines had a vast selection of rare bottles.”

98. Speculator

Meaning: A person who invests in stocks, property, or other ventures in the hope of making a profit.

Example: “The speculator bought shares in the startup, expecting high returns.”

99. Adjutor

Meaning: A helper or assistant.

Example: “The adjutor provided valuable support during the research project.”

100. Applicator

Meaning: A device or tool used to apply a substance.

Example: “The applicator was used to evenly spread the paint.”

101. Assimilator

Meaning: A person or thing that absorbs and integrates people, ideas, or culture.

Example: “The assimilator helped new employees integrate into the company culture.”

102. Augmentor

Meaning: A person or thing that increases or adds to something.

Example: “The augmentor improved the system’s efficiency significantly.”

103. Aviator

Meaning: A person who flies an aircraft; a pilot.

Example: “The aviator skillfully navigated the plane through turbulent weather.”

104. Calculator

Meaning: A small electronic device used to perform mathematical calculations.

Example: “The student used a calculator to solve complex equations.”

105. Captor

Meaning: A person who captures or confines another.

Example: “The captor held the hostages in an abandoned building.”

106. Cognitor

Meaning: One who knows or is aware; an examiner or one who recognizes.

Example: “The cognitor identified the problem quickly and proposed a solution.”

107. Comparator

Meaning: A device or tool used to compare two quantities.

Example: “The comparator measured the differences between the two samples.”

108. Deflector

Meaning: A device that redirects the flow of a substance.

Example: “The deflector shield protected the spacecraft from debris.”

109. Depurator

Meaning: A device or agent used to purify or cleanse.

Example: “The water depurator removed impurities from the drinking supply.”

110. Detractor

Meaning: A person who criticizes or disparages someone or something.

Example: “Despite the detractors, the artist’s work received widespread acclaim.”

111. Dilator

Meaning: A tool or agent that causes dilation, especially in medical contexts.

Example: “The surgeon used a dilator to widen the patient’s blood vessel.”

112. Divisor

Meaning: A number by which another number is to be divided.

Example: “In the equation 12 ÷ 3, the number 3 is the divisor.”

113. Elongator

Meaning: A device or substance that lengthens or extends something.

Example: “The elongator helped stretch the material to the desired length.”

114. Excavator

Meaning: A large machine used for digging and moving earth.

Example: “The excavator cleared the site for the new construction project.”

115. Expurgator

Meaning: A person who removes unsuitable or objectionable content from a text.

Example: “The expurgator edited out the controversial sections of the book.”

116. Incubator

Meaning: A device that provides controlled environmental conditions for the care and protection of premature or sick babies or for the cultivation of cells and microorganisms.

Example: “The incubator kept the premature infant warm and safe.”

117. Invocator

Meaning: One who calls upon or invokes, often in a ritual or prayer.

Example: “The invocator led the ceremony with a solemn invocation.”

118. Alligator

Meaning: A large reptile with a long body, short legs, and powerful jaws.

Example: “The alligator basked in the sun by the riverbank.”

119. Annihilator

Meaning: A person or thing that completely destroys something.

Example: “The annihilator weapon was capable of massive destruction.”

120. Aspirator

Meaning: A device used to remove fluid or gas by suction.

Example: “The doctor used an aspirator to clear the patient’s airway.”

121. Castigator

Meaning: A person who criticizes or reprimands severely.

Example: “The castigator did not hold back in his harsh review of the performance.”

122. Conjector

Meaning: A person who forms an opinion or theory without sufficient evidence.

Example: “The conjector speculated about the cause of the mysterious event.”

123. Constrictor

Meaning: A snake that kills its prey by coiling around and compressing it.

Example: “The boa constrictor squeezed its prey until it could no longer breathe.”

124. Contaminator

Meaning: A person or thing that pollutes or makes something impure.

Example: “The factory was identified as a major contaminator of the river.”

125. Convertor

Meaning: A device that changes something from one form to another.

Example: “The convertor transformed the energy from AC to DC.”

126. Disseminator

Meaning: A person or thing that spreads information or ideas widely.

Example: “The researcher was a key disseminator of new scientific knowledge.”

127. Elector

Meaning: A person who has the right to vote in an election.

Example: “Every eligible elector should exercise their right to vote.”

128. Elucidator

Meaning: Someone who explains or clarifies something.

Example: “The teacher acted as an elucidator, making complex topics easy to understand.”

129. Enumerator

Meaning: A person who counts or lists things, often in a census.

Example: “The enumerator visited every household to collect census data.”

130. Expositor

Meaning: A person who explains or interprets something.

Example: “The expositor gave a detailed explanation of the historical text.”

131. Invertor

Meaning: A device or person that inverts something, especially electrical current.

Example: “The invertor changed the direct current to alternating current.”

132. Isolator

Meaning: A device or substance that isolates something, especially in electrical contexts.

Example: “The isolator prevented the electrical current from flowing through unintended pathways.”

133. Integrator

Meaning: A person or thing that combines different elements into a whole.

Example: “The integrator brought together various technologies into a single system.”

134. Emendator

Meaning: A person who corrects or revises a text.

Example: “The emendator made crucial corrections to the ancient manuscript.”

135. Collimator

Meaning: A device that narrows a beam of particles or waves.

Example: “The collimator aligned the laser beam for precise cutting.”

136. Annotator

Meaning: A person who adds explanatory notes to a text.

Example: “The annotator provided insightful comments on the margins of the book.”

137. Attributor

Meaning: A person or thing that assigns or attributes something to someone or something.

Example: “The historian acted as an attributor, crediting the invention to its rightful creator.”

138. Evocator

Meaning: Someone or something that brings strong images, memories, or feelings to mind.

Example: “The evocator of past memories, the song brought tears to her eyes.”

139. Locator

Meaning: A person or thing that determines the position of something.

Example: “The GPS locator helped us find the restaurant easily.”

140. Consecrator

Meaning: A person who makes something sacred or dedicates it formally to a religious or divine purpose.

Example: “The bishop acted as the consecrator during the church ceremony.”

141. Consolator

Meaning: A person who offers comfort to someone who is distressed or saddened.

Example: “The consolator spoke kind words to the grieving family.”

142. Contestator

Meaning: A person who disputes or challenges something.

Example: “The contestator argued against the proposed policy changes.”

143. Convocator

Meaning: A person who calls people together for a meeting or assembly.

Example: “The convocator organized the annual shareholder meeting.”

144. Coordinator

Meaning: A person who organizes people or groups so that they work together efficiently.

Example: “The event coordinator managed all the logistics for the conference.”

145. Destructor

Meaning: A person or thing that causes destruction.

Example: “The storm acted as a destructor, leaving a path of ruin in its wake.”

146. Aggregator

Meaning: A person or thing that collects and compiles information or items.

Example: “The news aggregator pulled articles from various sources into one feed.”

147. Ancestor

Meaning: A person from whom one is descended, typically one more remote than a grandparent.

Example: “She discovered that her ancestor was a notable figure in history.”

148. Anticipator

Meaning: A person who expects or predicts something.

Example: “The anticipator prepared for the event well in advance.”

149. Arbitrator

Meaning: A person appointed to settle a dispute.

Example: “The arbitrator helped the two parties reach a fair agreement.”

150. Assessor

Meaning: A person who evaluates or estimates the nature, ability, or quality of something.

Example: “The assessor determined the value of the property for tax purposes.”

151. Correlator

Meaning: A person or thing that establishes a connection between two or more things.

Example: “The scientist acted as a correlator, linking the data from different studies.”

152. Conflator

Meaning: A person who merges different texts or ideas into one.

Example: “The editor acted as a conflator, combining several articles into a comprehensive report.”

153. Confessor

Meaning: A priest who hears confessions and gives absolution and spiritual counsel.

Example: “The confessor listened patiently to the penitent’s admissions.”

154. Imperator

Meaning: A commander in ancient Rome; an emperor.

Example: “Julius Caesar was proclaimed imperator by his troops.”

155. Infiltrator

Meaning: A person who secretly enters or gains access to a place or organization.

Example: “The infiltrator gathered valuable intelligence from within the enemy’s camp.”

156. Deflator

Meaning: A person or thing that reduces the level of something, especially prices or inflation.

Example: “The economic policy acted as a deflator, lowering the overall price levels.”

157. Dictator

Meaning: A ruler with total power over a country, typically one who has obtained power by force.

Example: “The dictator imposed strict controls over the population.”

158. Dominator

Meaning: A person who exerts control or influence over others.

Example: “The dominator of the chess tournament won every match.”

159. Laminator

Meaning: A device that applies a protective plastic layer to documents.

Example: “The laminator preserved the important documents for long-term use.”

160. Descriptor

Meaning: A word or phrase used to describe something or someone.

Example: “The term ‘innovative’ is a descriptor often used for new technology.”

161. Ejector

Meaning: A device that ejects something.

Example: “The ejector seat in the aircraft was activated during the emergency.”

162. Expeditor

Meaning: A person who speeds up the process or progress of something.

Example: “The expeditor ensured that all orders were processed quickly.”

163. Indicator

Meaning: A thing, especially a trend or fact, that indicates the state or level of something.

Example: “The economic indicator showed a rise in employment rates.”

164. Inspirator

Meaning: A person or thing that inspires.

Example: “The coach acted as an inspirator, motivating the team to victory.”

165. Interceptor

Meaning: A person or thing that stops or catches something in transit.

Example: “The missile interceptor neutralized the incoming threat.”

166. Interruptor

Meaning: A person or thing that interrupts or causes a disruption.

Example: “The interruptor broke into the conversation with an urgent message.”

167. Oscillator

Meaning: A device for generating oscillating electric currents or voltages by nonmechanical means.

Example: “The oscillator was used to produce radio waves.”

168. Predicator

Meaning: A term used in logic to refer to the part of a sentence or clause containing a verb that states something about the subject.

Example: “In the sentence ‘The cat sleeps,’ ‘sleeps’ is the predicator.”

169. Regenerator

Meaning: A person or thing that renews or restores something.

Example: “The regenerator helped rejuvenate the polluted ecosystem.”

170. Scriptor

Meaning: An author or writer.

Example: “The scriptor of the medieval manuscript was highly skilled.”

171. Dissector

Meaning: A person or tool that cuts apart or analyzes something in detail.

Example: “The anatomy student used a dissector to study the structure of the specimen.”

172. Actuator

Meaning: A device that causes a machine or other device to operate.

Example: “The actuator controlled the opening and closing of the valve.”

173. Aggravator

Meaning: A person or thing that makes a problem or offense worse or more serious.

Example: “The aggravator’s actions intensified the dispute.”

174. Amplificator

Meaning: A device that amplifies sound or electrical signals.

Example: “The amplificator boosted the audio output for the concert.”

175. Appellor

Meaning: A person who appeals, especially in a legal context.

Example: “The appellor filed a case with the higher court to overturn the verdict.”

176. Extensor

Meaning: A muscle whose contraction extends or straightens a limb or other part of the body.

Example: “The extensor muscle helped straighten the arm.”

177. Exhilarator

Meaning: A person or thing that makes someone feel very happy or animated.

Example: “The roller coaster acted as an exhilarator for the thrill-seekers.”

178. Circulator

Meaning: A device or person that causes fluid or air to move in a closed system.

Example: “The circulator maintained a constant flow of air through the system.”

179. Perpetuator

Meaning: A person or thing that causes something to continue indefinitely.

Example: “The perpetuator of the tradition ensured that the annual festival was celebrated with the same fervor each year.”

180. Contactor

Meaning: An electrically controlled switch used for switching a power circuit.

Example: “The contactor activated the motor when the switch was flipped.”

181. Corrector

Meaning: A person or thing that corrects something.

Example: “The proofreader acted as a corrector, fixing errors in the text.”

182. Examinator

Meaning: A person who examines or inspects something.

Example: “The examinor evaluated the students’ performance during the test.”

183. Angulator

Meaning: A device or person that measures angles.

Example: “The angulator was used to determine the precise angle for the cut.”

184. Inoculator

Meaning: A person who administers vaccines or other injections.

Example: “The nurse acted as an inoculator during the vaccination drive.”

185. Extractor

Meaning: A device or substance used to draw out something.

Example: “The juice extractor efficiently separated the juice from the fruit.”

186. Compensator

Meaning: A device used to counterbalance or correct something.

Example: “The compensator adjusted the machine’s movements to ensure accuracy.”

187. Compositor

Meaning: A person who arranges text and images for printing.

Example: “The compositor prepared the newspaper layout for the next edition.”

188. Conjuror

Meaning: A person who performs magic tricks; a magician.

Example: “The conjuror amazed the audience with his sleight of hand.”

189. Constructor

Meaning: A person or thing that builds or constructs something.

Example: “The constructor completed the bridge ahead of schedule.”

190. Inquisitor

Meaning: A person making an inquiry, especially one seen to be excessively harsh or searching.

Example: “The inquisitor’s questions were intense and probing.”

191. Attractor

Meaning: A person or thing that draws attention or interest.

Example: “The new exhibit was a major attractor for the museum.”

192. Censor

Meaning: An official who examines material for the purpose of suppressing parts deemed objectionable.

Example: “The censor reviewed the film and demanded several cuts.”

193. Conceptor

Meaning: A person who conceives or invents something.

Example: “The conceptor of the new device revolutionized the industry.”

194. Receptor

Meaning: A cell or group of cells that receives stimuli.

Example: “The sensory receptor in the skin detected touch.”

195. Separator

Meaning: A device that separates substances.

Example: “The cream separator efficiently divided the milk from the cream.”

196. Emulator

Meaning: A device, program, or person that mimics or replicates the function of another.

Example: “The software emulator allowed old games to run on modern computers.”

197. Constructor

Meaning: A person or thing that builds or creates something.

Example: “The constructor of the skyscraper was renowned for innovative designs.”

198. Decontaminator

Meaning: A device or person that removes contamination from an environment or object.

Example: “The decontaminator ensured the lab equipment was free of hazardous materials.”

199. Implicator

Meaning: A person or thing that implies or suggests something.

Example: “The implicator hinted at deeper motives behind the decision.”

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